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why join the soccer referees association of halton?

Welcome to the Soccer Referees Association of Halton. Whether you are a new member or a returning member, we are glad to have you join us. Referee Associations play an important role in your career as a Match Official; especially as you branch out from refereeing at the club level into the district, regional and provincial levels. We want to make you aware of the benefits of joining an association:

  1. Education The association organizes and hosts education sessions beginning each January. These sessions are valuable as they keep you up to date on law changes and they provide a forum for discussion, discovery, and strengthening of your knowledge of the game. The Peel Halton District Association requires attendance at a number of these meetings for match officials who wish to officiate in their leagues.
  2. Support If you are unsure of how to write a report that will be acceptable to discipline committees, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our executive members. We will assist you and give you guidance with your reports. This becomes especially important when the report is of a serious nature such as Referee Assault. We owe it to our fellow match officials to make sure those that need to be disciplined are reported appropriately.
  3. Representation The association will arrange for a representative to attend any discipline hearings that you have been mandated to be at. It is highly recommended that you have an advisor at discipline hearings.
  4. Networking Association meetings are an excellent way to meet your fellow referees, your District Referee Coordinator, the Ontario Soccer Association leadership, and league assignors. In this way you become more than a name on a list: you become a familiar face. It shows assignors that you are committed to developing your knowledge and understanding of the game, and to your fellow match officials.
  5. Mentorship The association will organize mentoring for you if you so desire. We have many members who are eager to come alongside you and support you in your pursuit as a match official. Attending sessions also enables you to create relationships where you may source out a mentor on your own.

Again, welcome to the Soccer Referees Association of Halton, and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday nights and on the pitch.

How to join the association

Joining the association is easy!  Simply come to one of our education sessions and bring your fees (see the table on the right).  Our Secretary has the forms and we can work with you to fill it out right there.

In the coming months, we will look into online registrations.

We look forward to you joining us!

Current Membership Fees

Membership Status Current Annual Fees
Student under 18 years $10
Full-time student 18 years old or over $20
New Member $10
Returning Adult Member $45