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Branch History

About the Association

the early years

In the mid 1970s, Burlington Minor Soccer Club had a referee group as part of their club. This group was not affiliated with any other organisation and were strictly a minor soccer group. The referees in this group who wanted to officiate senior competitive soccer joined either the Hamilton branch or the Toronto Branch of the Ontario Soccer Referees Association (OSRA).

our own branch in the OSRA

In those days, The OSRA branches did most of the referee appointments for senior soccer so referees had to belong to a branch to get senior game appointments. Members such as Vince Rush, Roy Cummings, Tony Atkins, Jack Brizland, Ed Kohl and others who wanted to get games for upgrading and assessments had to belong to an OSRA Branch to get assessable senior soccer games. Since the senior referees were now OSRA members, we got the senior games but were constantly encouraged to bring the Burlington Referee Group into the OSRA fold. Most Burlington referees wanted to stay as youth referees and did not want to pay extra dues and did not see the need to be governed by another association; therefore the referees who wanted to do youth and senior games decided to form their own referee group and join the OSRA.

Vince Rush, James Booth, Roy Cummings, Alex Jones, Mike Weyers and Ian Collins were some of first members while Tony Atkins (Secretary) and Ed Kohl (President) served as the first executive members of this newly formed group called the Ontario Soccer Referees Association: Halton Branch. 

 We were a small Branch but soon enjoyed a very good reputation and were considered an excellent group of referees whose members got frequent appointments to officiate in Ontario Cup finals.

and then there was srah

The Branch held regular education sessions and the membership grew steadily. In the early 2000s, our membership became disenchanted with the leadership of OSRA Provincial body and chose to make a break and become an independent entity. The association was renamed Soccer Referees Association of Halton as we are known today.