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Match Official Forms

If you need to fill out a Referee Assault, Dismissal, or Special Incident Report, we recommend that you take 24 hours to decompress and destress about the situation.   In the meantime, ask your assistants (if you had any) for statements about what took place. Then, take the time to factually declare what took place - making sure that you type out your report.  We then recommend that you send your report to one of your executive to help review it for completeness. 

As a further benefit of being a Member, one of the executive can attend any hearings with you to help advise you on the proceedings. 

In case of a referee assault, there should be a time period to allow the Match Official to prepare their thoughts in a factual format.  Ontario Soccer has introduced a pre-notification form that can be used to let the appropriate parties know that an assault has occurred, which gives you reasonable time to prepare the actual assault report .