About the Award

Tim Jones was the son of Alex Jones - referee, assessor, and referee instructor and former Director of Referees for the Ontario Soccer Association.

Tim followed in the footsteps of his father and became a "youth" referee at a very young age.  At 14 years, he passed the OSA official referee course which allowed him to officiate Youth competitive games and be a "linesman" at senior soccer games. He was very well liked by his peers because of his professional conduct and dedication to refereeing. He soon earned a reputation as being a capable and reliable youth referee and an excellent "linesman" for senior competitive games. At age 18 he became qualified as a senior referee and started refereeing senior soccer and under the guidance of his father and the local senior referees. He was soon recognized as being a very good up and coming young referee with lots of potential.  He attended college in those days but kept officiating whenever possible.

Unknown to anyone, it was believed that Tim had a heart murmur.  On December 11, 1983, after having dinner with his parents and girl friend, he returned to his dorm at Humber College. The next morning, his roommate found him dead in bed of apparent heart failure.  

Tim was just 24 years old when he passed away and the pallbearers at his funeral were all local referees from his Branch (OSRA Halton Branch) and many other referees and soccer dignitaries where in attendance.

After his death, and because of his dedication, professionalism and exemplary conduct as a youth referee the Branch decided to create the Tim Jones Memorial Award.

This to be awarded yearly and to be given to a Branch youth referee who has shown professionalism and demonstrated exemplary conduct as a referee.

This Year's Recipient

Garen Khoudigan

Garen is an up-and-coming Match Official from the Burlington Youth Soccer Club.  He has been refereeing as a youth for several years.  In his matches, he always presents professionally and gives his all.   He is well liked by his peers and by other Match Officials who have worked with him.

Previous Recipients

Name Year Awarded
Ben Cameron and Matthew Aslett 2016
Paul Dalle Ave 2015
Lea Randall 2014
No winners announced 2012-2013
Coleman O’Meara 2011
Mike Burnside 2010
Scott Bowman 2008
No winner announced 2007
Melissa Snedden 2006
Erika Podlovics 2005
Ben Jacobs 2004
No winner announced 2003
Andrew Pereira 2002
Eric Pade 2001
James Hudson 2000
No winners announced 1996-1999
Andrew Westoll 1995
Mike Hartley and Wes Winarski 1994
Justin Tasev 1993
Tanya Tasev 1992
David Novis 1991
No winners announced 1987-1990
Chris Hayes and Sean Pinney 1986
Jay Sullivan 1985
Ian Collins 1984